Oyama Lake Eco Lodge – Open House

Hey friends, Remember that time we were hunting for artists to display their work in our cabins this summer? Well we found them! I’m excited to announce that we now have 12 artists showcasing their artwork throughout our camp AND we are kicking off the season by inviting you all up for an open house […]

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Quick Map… A better one is coming soon!

Here is a map to help you figure out which cabins are next to each other on the resort. The pink highlighted cabins are the spots that we are currently renting out. Call us if you would like to find out which ones are available on certain dates: 250-862-1013

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Oyama Lake Paint Party BUS

  Tell your friends! The new Oyama Lake Bus is opening up in July 2018 for some paint party magic. The most beautiful thing about it? If you rent a cabin for the night you don’t even have to worry about stumbling home. After the event we can have a bonfire and roast marshmallows and/or […]

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*NEW* Cabin Gallery now accepting applications for summer 2018

Call for artists to showcase their work in one of our 15 cabins this upcoming summer. Application deadline is January 31st 2018 Subject options (No nudity): Family Wilderness Surrealism Whimsical Fishing & Boating Landscapes Animals One of our 27 islands??? Lake activities Some of our cabins are small and some of them are larger, but […]

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Check it out: DRONE video!

Video created by: Jeff Gibbons

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Meet the new Oyama Lake Team!

Canada Day 2017 was an epic day for us over here at Oyama Lake. It was our official transition day from “Oyama Lake Fishing Resort” to “Oyama Lake Eco Lodge.” Here we are on the deck with our new team chapeau’s, ready to take on the summer. From left to right you have Sam (aka […]

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