Note: Mid October until mid May water lines get shut off. Facilities are outhouses, there is no working shower house at that time and you will need to bring extra water with you.




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The Area:
Oyama Lake is an 800-acre volcanic lake with great fishing and 27 islands to explore. The deepest part of the lake reaches a depth of 87 feet making it a great place to find trout of varying sizes. It is also a great spot for swimming with the kids, however we do request that all little one’s wear life jackets. The popular “High Rim” trail intersects Oyama Lake Road in addition to many other hiking/biking/riding trails nearby and lots of untouched nature to explore.

Getting Here:
To find us you first need to find the town of Oyama, which is right in between Kelowna and Vernon. There is a logging road that takes you up the back hill towards the Oyama Zipline (Also really fun!). Keep going past the zipline and stay on the logging road for about 20 minutes. It is a dirt road that starts out nice and smooth but near the end it gets bumpy. We recommend turning on your 4-wheel drive if you have it. If you don’t have it you can still get here if you drive nice and slow.

The Grounds:
We are a fishing resort with 18 cabins of varying size and style. We also have some camping spots/small RV sites (25ft max) as well as glamping sites and a school bus. Some of the cabins have all of the amenities including hot showers and some of them do not. For the cabins that do not have a private bathroom there is a shower house with on on-demand hot water system. We also have a multitude of outhouses scattered throughout the property as well as a powder room that has a flush toilet.

There is a communal area near the playground that everyone is welcome to enjoy. There is a BBQ and an area for washing dishes for those who may not have a sink or BBQ included with their cabin. 

We have a boat launch that is free for those who are staying with us and $10 for outside guests.
There is a children’s playground near the boat launch so we ask that anyone driving into the camp to please drive slowly.  

Stocked every year with 15K-30K trout there are lots to go around. There is a fish cleaning station on site as well as smoker. Most styles of fishing will see success, though anglers are required to use a single barbless hook. If your flies are barbed you can pinch them with a set of pliers. This helps protect the fish if you are putting them back into the water as rainbow trout have soft mouths and are easily injured.

We offer a wide variety of motorized and non motorized boats. Currently in our fleet of rentals we have: canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, pedal boats, 3-person motor boats, 4-person motor boats, pontoon boats for up to 7-11 people, and fishing gear. Drinking alcohol or other intoxicants is not permitted while driving. You must have a drivers license and a valid credit card for motorized rentals.

The Store:
There is an on-site store that is open from 8AM-12PM and 2PM-6PM where you can buy basic supplies in case you forgot anything. The store is stocked with firewood, fishing gear, hand-made flies, local art, snacks, americanos, lattes, candy and bags of ice.

Cell Service:
Cell phone service up here depends on your provider. For example, Fido and Rogers have good service. While others may work in some areas, or not at all. If you need to contact anyone during your stay, visit the office and you may request to use the business phone for a short call. Wifi is available at the store.

What to bring:
You will need to bring your own flashlight, warm clothing, drinking water and food (If you have chosen a cabin without a fridge make sure you bring a cooler). You will also need to bring your own bedding unless you have chosen the linen rental.

We are an off-grid camp and our water comes from the lake therefore the tap water is not potable.

If there is something you think you need and can’t find in the cabin just stop by the store and we can help you out.

What not to bring:
Don’t bring any glass bottles. We have no storage for them. If you end up bringing glass please pour the liquid into a cup while around the camp and bring the bottles back down the hill with you (We recycle cans and plastic, but not glass). There is basic electricity in all cabins except for the ice house, however, you are not allowed to plug in any appliance that generates heat as it will deplete the generator resources for all other guests (Absolutely no blow dryer, crock pot, Keurig machine or curling iron). Thanks in advance for following this important rule!

Dogs are allowed in camp for a daily fee. Always ensure your pet is on a leash within the camp and please make sure to bring baggies to pick up after them. Pets are not allowed on furniture so please bring a sheet to cover the couches and a doggie bed or kennel. Dogs are never to be left alone in the cabins or outside. You can also bring them fishing with you as that way there is no chance they will cause damage to the cabins.

All cabins and campsites have their own private bonfire pit (Some have bbq’s depending on the cabin). If you bring your own outdoor firewood, it must be appropriate sizing, without nails and non-treated. Also make sure your fire stays small and contained within the pit. Never leave your fire unattended. Please properly put out your fire after you are finished. Note: outside fires not permitted during provincial fire ban. Outdoor propane fire places available for rent during this period.

We have a variety of table top games that you are able to borrow from the office.

Cancellation Policy:
Due to our short season we have a strict cancellation policy. Cancellations must be made 30 days prior to your date of arrival and incur a 5% admin fee. Cancellations made inside of 30 days will result in a full charge unless we are able to rent out your cabin. If we are able to rent our your cabin there is a 10% admin fee. This means if the cancellation is made inside the 30 days and it is rented out to someone else, we will issue a refund minus the 10% admin fee for the days that were booked. You are able to transfer the booking to an alternate name free of charge.

All cancellations must be made via email. No phone in cancellations will be accepted. Email: [email protected].

In the Case of Smoke/Fire/Road Conditions/Weather/Natural Disaster: Cancellation Policy applies at all times. It is the responsibility of the guest to acquire trip or travel cancellation insurance through your chosen provider. 

Check In:
Please check in at the office upon arrival. Check in time is 3PM or later! If you arrive before 3PM, you are welcome to take a walk, enjoy the lake, or even rent a boat. Please do not park at your cabin or unload any personal belngings prior to the designated check-in time. The check in time allows our cleaning staff to complete their duties on time.

The office closes at 6PM, however late check in’s are no problem and the main gate is never locked. If you do not arrive before 6PM, please note which cabin you have booked prior to arrival. You may follow the map that is provided on the website and/or office door (tip: screenshot it ahead of time as there is no internet here) Your cabin will be unlocked for you. All accommodations except for Cabin 5/6/7/8 have space for parking (if you are staying in 5/6/7/8, please unload your belongings and then park in the parking lot). The office opens again at 8AM.

Organizing an early check in and/or a late check out may be possible. This must be discussed ahead of time as we will need to plan for it. There is a fee for extending your stay which must be arranged and paid for prior. Failure to vacate cabin without an organized extension results in additional charges as it disrupts the ability of our cleaning crew to complete their duties prior to new guests arriving.

Please note prices are subject to change without notice.

We hope you enjoy your stay!