Spend this winter

Ice Fishing

2020/2021 winter cabin price list: TBA

Pricing is for 5 months

Cabins include stove, dishes, wood-stove, beds, bonfire pit and the larger cabins have BBQ’s. Smaller cabins have a communal BBQ area.

Cabins do not include propane, wood, water, garbage removal or cabin shoveling. Road will be plowed semi-regularly. Toilets are outhouses (we might even have the frost proof ones this year)

All persons coming up must be prepared for winter conditions and have a proper vehicle for off-road camping. Must bring chains and be equipped for potential problems. Lodge rescue is never to be expected but if necessary we might be available for road rescue. This will cost a minimum of $100 and will go up based on location and time involved.

Cabins are not to exceed the max number of persons. We maintain the right to refuse access to anyone who doesn’t follow our regulations. Although fun is encouraged, loud parties are not permitted.

Cabins must be left in the condition they are found in and anything broken will be an additional replacement charge. If you move furniture please move it back to where you found it.

No subletting.